What is the Child and Family Team (CFT) Process?

CFT is...

...an ongoing planning process, used in the mental health system and is a team of people (your Care Coordinator, family member/caregiver, counselor, and anyone else you identify as being important in helping you achieve your goals), who come together and create unique interventions and supports.

It's a new way of seeing the family - as experts

The traditional or "old way" of seeing things, from a mental health provider perspective, was to see families as dependant on professionals and services. 

But, now, using the CFT process, providers view families as "experts" about their own children, and as full partners in the planning process.

What's so good about this "new way" of doing things?

When youth are part of a CFT youth have other people, called team members, who help them  develop a better relationship with their family, Care Coordinator and other team members.  And, having a team of people that meet also ensures that everyone knows what's going on - that everyone is all, "on the same page."

Oh, and a team can be as big or as small as a youth wants. Youth will decide, along with input from their family and Care Coordinator, who they want to be on their team.

The Monroe County Office of Mental Health believes that children should remain connected with their families, and that parents remain “in the driver’s seat” (be the primary decision-makers) for managing the care and protection of their children. 

If the family/caregiver can’t manage their child's care or protect them, then  the CFT process is designed to assist them in doing it, rather than taking that role away from them.

Here's some more information on the CFT process.