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Mental health is about taking care of yourself emotionally and getting help when you need it, just like you would if you broke your arm... your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

If you’re a teen or early twenties living in Monroe County and looking for information about the mental health system (Care Coordination, etc.), and maybe some inspiration about this crazy world we live in then read on.

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Come see what SWAT is about! We're a group of youth who meet every 4th Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 PM. Ask your parent or Care Coordinator about attending.
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It’s easy to label someone else and overlook what’s really inside. When mental illnesses are used as labels – depressed, schizophrenic, manic or hyperactive – these labels hurt.

Stigma leads to fear, mistrust, and violence.

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SWAT Youth Council (Spreading Wellness Around Town) is a group of youth, 13 to 24 yrs. who bring their voices to the child-serving systems. We have fun while helping improve services for youth, all while working toward our own wellness. 

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Child & Family Team or CFT

Youth voice guides the process and youth define their future. It's about having a team of people who come together to support youth and their family in attaining the success you've laid out in your service plan. Get more information on CFT.

Every month we'll sound off on an issue that's important to youth.

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